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    Embracing wellness as a mindset and lifestyle

    What is Wellness?

    Much like happiness, wellness should not be viewed as a destination, not some finish line that you cross and then declare yourself finished. Instead, wellness is a journey.

    Who is the "Health and Wellness" consumer?

    The next trillion dollar industry globally, the Health & Wellness market space is dominated mostly by beauty and anti-aging product sales at $679 billion, followed by fitness and mind + body exercise ($390 billion) and health eating, nutrition and weight loss sales ($277 billion).

    Other product sales that complete the Health & Wellness market are complementary and alternative medicines, wellness tourism, spas, medical tourism and workplace wellness. In the United States alone, women invest $125 billion against their nutrition, $40 billion against alternative medicine and $25 billion against OTC drugs.

    How does wellness allow you to make choices toward a more fulfilling life?

    Here is a model that you can easily use to assess and adjust aspects of your life. The Wellness Wheel is a visual representation of wellness broken down into seven major dimensions. When you pay attention to each of these dimensions, you can attain and maintain balance in your life. Reviewing these seven dimensions and rating yourself on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most descriptive of you) is a simple and effective way to identify areas of both strength and improvement. Our lives are similar to this wheel. If the wheel is unbalanced, "the road of life will be a bumpy one." When our lives are balanced, we roll along more smoothly.


    Describe the current trends in health and wellness?

    Fitness and wearable technology sales (think FitBit, Fuelband and Timex Sport) is up $10 billion to $81.4 billion in wholesale sales in the US as 3.3 million fitness bands and trackers were sold in 2013. The digital fitness category is now a $330 million market, and that is just one of many fitness categories that is experiencing exponential growth. Healthier food sales are seeing serious growth as well, as 73% of consumers have switched to healthier versions of food items. Blenders, juice extractors and citrus juicers are top-growing small kitchen appliance categories.

    Just as this consumer is mindful of her fitness and what she puts in her body, she tends to purchase beauty products that are more environmentally friendly. Health & Wellness industry trends reflect this, as organic beauty product sales are expected to grow 74% from 2013 to 2018. Vitamins and supplement sales will reach $13.9 billion by 2018, a 58% increase from 2008.

    Name the 3 Programs at your center

    Preconception Health - prepare women to be Healthy Moms

    Holistic Care - preventive care across a Women's Life Cycle

    Weight Loss - protective care to achieve Healthy People/Healthy Aging

    Why is your center unique?

    We formed a pharmacist-physician alliance to provide our patients with a collaborative, team-approach to healthcare. Current research shows that Pharmacist- patient care services provided through Pharmacist–provider collaborative practice agreements (CPAs) have been shown to improve patient outcomes for diabetes, hypertension, anticoagulation, and other chronic diseases (such as obesity).

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